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Love Your Self All Natural

Travel Size Natural Hair Kit

Travel Size Natural Hair Kit

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All natural chemical free hair products for natural hair. Love Your Sell All Natural Hair Care Set promotes hair growth, helps improve hair texture, and enhances the natural beauty of your curls. Love Your Self deep conditions the hair providing necessary hair nutrition that hydrates and moisturizes for healthy and beautiful hair. 2oz size  May upgrade to 4oz Shampoo & conditioner.

  1. WASH W/ NO.18 milk shake shampoo made with Shea butter,  avocado, coconut, tea tree, rosemary, green tea, and other botanical and herbal ingredients that provide deep moisture.  Rinse well. 2oz
  2. Next apply No  27 Botanical Detangling Conditioner made with apricots, oranges and olive oil and leave in for a few minutes then rinse lightly and leave in. 2oz
  3. Apply the No. 9++  Vitamin Nutrition daily Drops made with biotin m. MSM & hair growth herbs to your scalp. 2oz
  4. Choose your No. 36 Hair & Skin Butter Cream.  The base is made with apricots, avocado, coconut and flax seed. It’s available in 4 scents. Lavender Blend, Mint Blend, Orange Cream or Lemongrass  Then apply the No.36 cream to your hair. Great for daily moisture. To do your Bantu knots, double strand twist, and braid outs. Will not build up in locked hair. 2oz
  5. APPLY No. 117 Herbal Aloe Gel Pudding made with aloe, rosemary, papaya & coconut It will enhance your curl pattern help eliminate frizz, provides a natural soft hold. Contains no alcohol . 2oz


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