About Us

Love Your Self All Natural was born out of a instinctual motherly need for survival. My son was diagnosed with cancer at a last stage at the age of 3 months. He had 4 large tumors and cancer cells in his bone marrow. He was not expected to make it to the age of 1. I had to become a mommy warrior. I did my best to attack the cancer from many angles. My journey with cancer with him turned me into an all natural/organic mom who made everything from scratch from the food I fed my babies to the product's I used on their hair and skin. This life changing journey led to the development of Love Your Self All Natural an all natural chemical free hair and skin care line. Our products are fresh made with plant based ingredients and do not contain any perfumes, artificial colors, parebens, petro chemicals or any other nasty ingredients.

We are a family owned company based in Newark, NJ. Our products are made for us and shared with you. We hope you love & enjoy them as much as we do!