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No.45 Chemical Free Deep Protein Treatment

No.45 Chemical Free Deep Protein Treatment

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 This product is suitable for both natural and relaxed hair and serves as an effective deep protein treatment. It provides the option to transition from relaxed to natural hair while offering versatile styling possibilities.

When heat is applied, such as blow-drying or flat ironing, it helps achieve smooth and straight hair, resistant to frizz even in humid conditions. Alternatively, air-drying results in beautifully tamed and frizz-free curls.

No. 45 works to condition, smoothen, and enhance hair shine. It aids in repairing damage and strengthening the hair by replenishing lost protein, which can reduce excessive shedding and hair loss. Importantly, this treatment is formulated without harsh chemicals, providing gentle and natural deep conditioning.

It's particularly beneficial for damaged and thinning hair, offering much-needed moisture and hydration while supporting hair regeneration for increased strength and overall hair health.

Key ingredients include a blend of botanical elements such as argan, rosemary, plantains, licorice, and organic plant-based keratin, along with the beneficial properties of the Brazilian rainforest Taheebo tree and vitamin E.

1. **Argan**: Known for its moisturizing properties, argan oil helps hydrate and soften the hair, making it more manageable and reducing frizz. It's rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, which promote overall hair health.

2. **Rosemary**: Rosemary oil is often used to improve hair thickness and growth. It may help enhance circulation in the scalp, leading to healthier hair follicles and potentially reducing hair loss.

3. **Plantains**: Plantains are rich in vitamins A and C, which can contribute to hair strength and shine. They also contain antioxidants that may help protect the hair from damage.

4. **Licorice**: Licorice root extract is used for its soothing properties. It can help alleviate scalp irritation and promote a healthy scalp environment.

5. **Organic Plant-based Keratin**: Keratin is a protein that is a natural component of hair. Adding plant-based keratin can help strengthen and repair damaged hair, leaving it smoother and shinier.

6. **Brazilian Rainforest Taheebo Tree**: This ingredient may provide additional antioxidants and nutrients that benefit the hair, potentially contributing to its health and vitality.

7. **Vitamin E**: Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties, which can help protect the hair from free radical damage. It may also contribute to hair strength and shine.

While these ingredients offer various potential benefits for hair health and appearance, it's important to note that individual results can vary, and the product doesn't make specific health claims.

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