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Love Your Self All Natural

No.126 Hair Growth Cream

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• Contains Biotin & MSM
• Promotes hair growth
• Nourishes & strengthens hair follicles
• Gives hair moisture & shine
• Naturally antifungal & antimicrobial

No.126 Super Hair Growth Daily Conditioning Cream is designed with pure botanical and herbal ingredients to strengthen and promote the growth of damaged and thinning hair. This formula contains coconut, rosemary, argan, hair growth herbs, biotin & MSM.  This anti-fungal and antimicrobial formula soothes, nourishes and strengthens the hair follicle.

This product may be used daily to provide conditioning, moisture and shine. It helps soften and improve the texture of your hair while promoting the growth. Works similar to a hair pomade. It just doesn't have any mineral oil, petroleum or other harmful ingredients that may intefere with the growth and health of your hair.