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Love Your Self All Natural

Deep Moisture Hair Kit/ Promotes Hair Growth

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This Hair Growth Kit includes 


  1. Hair Restoration Treatment 
  2. Stimulating Hair Growth Rinse
  3. No 18 moisture rich shampoo 
  4. No 27 Botanical Conditioner 
  5. No 126 hair growth cream 
  6. No 9++Vitamin Nutrition Drops


Hair Restoration Treatment 

Combats scalp dryness & dandruff.  Helps make hair stronger.  Promotes growth. Effective deep conditioner. Rich in antioxidants. Helps undo damage. Fights hair loss. Rejuvenates and nourishes the hair follicles. And gives hair lots of shine. A must have in natural hair care.

Stimulating Scalp Growth Rinse

HELPS STIMULATE THE HAIR FOLLICLE WHICH LEADS TO HAIR GROWTH. This refreshing scalp elixir rinse is great for all hair types. It contains vitamins B, C and potassium which are beneficial for your hair, as well as antioxidant polyphenols. It clarifies and exfoliates your scalp, removing dead skin as well as product buildup that blocks the pores on your scalp. Helping promote stronger hair and more growth. Improves shine and smoothness.

No.18 Moisture Rich Shampoo 

A gentle & healthy Shea butter herbal shampoo that moisturizes & softens. Made with botanical moisturizers that include avocado, castor, jojoba, rosemary, coconut, green tea & pau d’arco. Excellent for natural, relaxed, dry, damaged hair and dread locks. No. 18 does not contain sodium laurel sulfate, phalates, parabens or other damaging chemicals. This rich shampoo does not strip your hair.   It leaves your hair feeling & looking better than ever before. Deep moisturizing herbs leave hair with life and more manageability. Helps alleviate scalp irritations and dandruff.


No. 27 Botanical Detangling Conditioner 

This citrus scent conditioner is made with chamomile, apricot, olive oil & babassu oil.  It is rich in the B complex & C vitamins. It softens, locks in moisture, and makes hair easy to detangle. It works great to help eliminate frizzy & puffy hair. It helps to strengthen and nourish the hair follicle. Helping to decrease hair loss. No.27 can be used to cold wash and works beautifully as a leave in conditioner. Can be used every day by those with dry to extra dry hair.  It is a light conditioner that will not leave your hair weighed down and feeling sticky & yucky. Those with thin, fine hair probably should use this as a normal wash out product, but for all other hair types, it can be left in. Those who have tested it as both a leave-in and a wash-out conditioner, rave for its ability to soften the hair without weighing it down.  As a leave in: just remember a little will go a long way!  This extra rich hair conditioner is made from naturally derived ingredients, and several organic ingredients. Made from 88% certified organic ingredients.


No. 9++Hair Nutrient Daily Drops with Biotin, MSM & Hair Growth Herbs

Great daily drops for dry scalp, relieves itchiness,  helps nurture the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth and prevent breakage due to weaves and braids.  This ligt oil is power packed with vitamins and nutrients.

No. 126 Daily Hair Growth Cream made with argan, papaya, guava, biotin, msm...

This is the grease format of No.9++ Drops. It helps make hair more manageable, softer, and healthier. Many customers see faster hair growth with regular usage.