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Deep Moisture Hair Kit/ Promotes Hair Growth

Deep Moisture Hair Kit/ Promotes Hair Growth

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 Introducing the Hair Growth Kit, a comprehensive collection aimed at promoting the vitality of your hair. This kit consists of:

Hair Restoration Treatment: Addresses scalp dryness and dandruff, boosts hair strength, and encourages growth. It serves as a deep conditioner with antioxidants, aiding in repair and rejuvenation. Also contributes to shine and damage control.

Stimulating Scalp Growth Rinse: Formulated to invigorate hair follicles and promote growth. Enriched with vitamins B, C, potassium, and antioxidant polyphenols. Cleanses and exfoliates the scalp, removing buildup and improving shine.

No.18 Moisture Rich Shampoo: A gentle Shea butter herbal shampoo with botanical moisturizers like avocado, castor, jojoba, rosemary, coconut, green tea, and  pau d’arco. Suitable for various hair types including natural, relaxed, dry, damaged hair, and dreadlocks. Free from harsh chemicals, it moisturizes and softens without stripping hair.

No. 27 Botanical Detangling Conditioner: Offers a refreshing citrus scent and features ingredients like chamomile, apricot, olive oil, and babassu oil. Contains B complex and C vitamins, softening hair and aiding in moisture retention. Effective against frizz and puffiness.

No. 9++ Hair Nutrient Daily Drops: Enriched with Biotin, MSM, and Hair Growth Herbs, these drops are intended to provide relief from dry scalp and itchiness. They support hair follicles for healthy growth and help prevent breakage from hairstyles like weaves and braids.  It's a lightweight oil packed with essential nutrients. 

No. 126 Daily Hair Growth Cream: Presented in a grease format similar to No. 9++ Hair Nutrition Drops, this cream is designed to enhance manageability, softness, and overall hair health. Infused with argan, papaya, guava, biotin, MSM, and more, it's favored by many for encouraging faster hair growth with regular use.

No.18++ Detox Clay Shampoo: is specially formulated for oily hair, combining natural ingredients like clay, tea tree, and citrus extracts. It detoxifies the scalp, removing excess oil and impurities, while promoting circulation with clary sage and peppermint. This unique blend cleanses thoroughly, ensuring a healthier scalp environment for optimal hair growth.

The Hair Scalp Natural Spritz Refresher: formulated with aloe, clove, rosemary, and peppermint, not only soothes and balances the scalp, reducing oiliness and dandruff, but also stimulates blood circulation, promoting faster hair growth for those with oily hair.

  • With its antiseptic and moisturizing properties, this spritz eliminates odor-causing bacteria while adding moisture to the hair strands, preventing dryness and improving hair elasticity, crucial for oily hair prone to excess sebum production.
  • Moreover, its invigorating scent and tingling sensation alleviate itchiness and stimulate hair follicles, optimizing the scalp environment for healthier and faster hair growth, making it a valuable addition to any haircare routine targeting oily hair concerns.

    Dry Hair Kit Includes:

    1. Hair Restoration Treatment
    2. Stimulating Scalp Growth Rinse
    3. Botanical Detangling Conditioner
    4. Moisture Rich Shampoo
    5. Hair Nutrient Daily Drops
    6. Daily Hair Growth Cream

    Oily Hair Kit Includes:

    1. Hair Restoration Treatment
    2. Stimulating Scalp Growth Rinse
    3. Botanical Detangling Conditioner
    4. Detox Clay Shampoo
    5. Hair Nutrient Daily Drops
    6. The Hair Scalp Natural Spritz Refresher


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