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Love Your Self All Natural

Gentle Skin Care Set

Gentle Skin Care Set

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Introducing a gentle skincare kit designed to provide deep hydration to the skin. This kit aims to support healing, promote even skin tone, and offer relief for skin irritations such as eczema, psoriasis, and rashes.

Included in the set:

- **No.81 Coco Shea Body Wash (16oz):** A nourishing body wash formulated with coco shea for effective cleansing and moisturizing.

- **No. 36 Hair & Skin Buttercream (8oz):** A versatile buttercream for both hair and skin, crafted to provide ample moisture.

- **No.9 Hair & Body Oil (8oz):** A lightweight oil suitable for both hair and body, designed to provide nourishment and hydration.

- **No.135 Coco Shea Cream (8oz):** A coco shea cream aimed at delivering deep hydration to the skin, offering soothing benefits.

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