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Love Your Self All Natural

Acne Facial Kit

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This kit is for acne prone skin, blemishes, marks & uneven skin tone.

• Deep cleanses
• Helps clear problem skin areas
• Helps Even tone complexion  
• Smooth, glowing skin

All Natural Chemical free  5 step process to beautiful, clear and healthy skin. This chemical free facial spa ritual will leave your skin clear, toned, smooth and glowing. 

1. The Skin Clarifying and Toning, No. 54 Volcanic Ash Mud MASK. This gentle tea tree & alpha hydroxy formula is excellent for acne prone skin, blemishes, marks and uneven skin tone. This mud mask improves blood circulation and natural skin rejuvenation. It deep cleanses the skin and removes dirt particles, impurities and toxins. After rinsing off this wonderful mud mask, immediately your skin will feel fresh, smooth, radiant, and baby soft. This mask does a great job to help clear problem skin areas, and can be used 1-2 times per week. 

2. Exfoliate with No.90 Facial Shea butter fruit scrub. Made with dead sea salt, raspberries, oranges, lemons, berries & grapes. Use the facial scrub rub on alternate days. This exfoliating facial scrub helps brighten & clear your skin of blemishes & marks leaving your skin soft and smooth. 

3. Charcoal Mud Wash with salicylic acid helps clear acne prone skin. This concetrated mud wash gently exfoliates & washes away impurities that can cause acne breakouts.

4. Facial Toner   helps close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin. It helps heal skin irritations, bumps, scars, acne  & marks.  Also aids to bind moisture to the skin.

5. Apply No.72 facial moisturizer. Moisturize in the morning & before bed. This moisturizer is rich in omega 3 & vitamin E. And a little dab goes a long way.  It naturally gives your skin more protection from the harmful effects of the sun. Great as a base under your sunscreen.