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Anti Aging Facial Kit

Anti Aging Facial Kit

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The Anti Aging Facial System offers the following benefits:

- Assisting in clearing, toning, and tightening the skin
- Aiding in increasing collagen production
- Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and working to prevent wrinkles
- Leaving the skin with a bright and healthy glow

Here's a breakdown of the steps:

Step 1 involves the application of the No. 54++ charcoal mud mask. This mask is designed to help reduce pore size, eliminate impurities, and address blemishes and marks. It's recommended for use once a week.

Step 2 follows the mud mask with the No. 90++ coffee coconut fruit scrub. This scrub, containing coffee, coconut, oranges, lemons, berries, and papaya, offers gentle exfoliation to support collagen and skin tightening. Its brightening properties may aid in diminishing dark spots. Use every other day.

Step 3 continues with the Ocean wash, which includes dead sea mud, dead sea salt, and seaweed. This wash is fortified with marine-based collagen, contributing to skin toning, tightening, and wrinkle prevention. It's particularly suitable for mature skin, keeping it clear and radiant. (Please avoid if allergic to seafood due to marine-based ingredients.)

Step 4 involves misting the face with the Facial Toner, made with cucumbers and aloe. This toner aids in closing pores and tightening cell gaps after cleansing, potentially reducing impurities' entry into the skin. It may contribute to healing skin irritations, bumps, scars, acne, and marks, while assisting in moisture retention.

Step 5 recommends moisturizing daily with No. 72++ Ultra Hydrating Facial Silk Cream after cleansing. Enriched with exotic fruits from East India and Africa, this moisturizer, abundant in vitamins C and E, aims to address scars, marks, and uneven skin tone.

Concluding the system, Step 6 involves using the Anti Aging serum. This serum is high in vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl, along with potent antioxidants. It is designed to minimize fine lines and promote a glowing complexion, potentially helping with age spots, acne scars, and overall skin appearance.
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