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Love Your Self All Natural

Natural Silk Pillowcase

Natural Silk Pillowcase

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4 Reasons Why Millions of People are Switching to Silk Pillowcases

1. our best seller

Over 3.6 million pillowcases sold. The softest, smoothest satin on the market. 

2. happier skin

Smooth, breathable satin can help fight skin creases, blemishes & irritation so you can wake up fresh-faced.

3. less hair breakage

Goodbye, bedhead! Silky, frictionless satin protects against frizz, tangles & tugging on your hair.

4. stays cool

There's always a cool side of the pillow. Satin regulates temperatures to keep you dry & comfy all night.

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Real Results In Just 30 Days:

Nearly 90% of participants say this is the best pillowcase they’ve ever used

97.5% of participants were extremely satisfied with this pillowcase

95% of participants said they prefer this product over cotton pillowcases 

92.5% of participants said they felt like their hair looked and felt less tangled in the morning after using this pillowcase

87.5% of participants said they felt cool all night while sleeping on this pillowcase

*Results from a survey study involving 40 participants over a 30 day period


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