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Love Your Self All Natural

No. 36 Hair & Body Buttercream

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The antioxidants & vitamins in this creamy oil nourish & pamper your skin & hair. It visually improves & enhances the health of your hair & skin’s appearance. The proteins, vitamins, and natural oils help soften and moisturize your hair, while adding nutrients and repairing old damage. Helps make hair more hydrated, shiny, and more elastic. Great to use for natural hair styles. Provides moisture that last all day. Use when you do double strand twist, bantu knots, braid outs, twist hair and even to help increase your waves guys. As a body cream it is an excellent emollient. It soothes & softens the skin. Treats dry skin by balancing the skin’s moisture level. Helps prevent pre-mature aging. Ingredients include: coconut, avocado, apricot & flaxseed This wonderful butter cream comes in

4 therapeutic blends,  

1. Refreshing      peppermint, tea tree, & rosemary  

2. Soothing         lavender, chamomile & vanilla

3. Energizing      orange madness   

4. Invigorating    lemongrass